For Katia color is life! This is her message and it has become the central focus of her paintings which have been influenced by the myriad of colors she discovered during her numerous trips to Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, South America and India, which has a special place in her heart.

She graduated from Paris University in Literature and Languages and was trained as a professional linguist.  After graduating she moved to Geneva to be a free-lance interpreter with the United Nations. 

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural sites, the brilliant colors of clothing and the ever-changing skies, she found herself wanting to know more about the life of the local people, and whether colors had a special significance for them. All this has sparked her interest in ethnology.

Her father's skills for drawing and painting in oil and watercolor played a part in her decision to start painting in acrylic in 2006 in Geneva and while working in New York she discovered oil. Lately, she has a renewed interest in acrylic due to its flexibility.

Katia is multi-lingual in French, English and Russian.  She divides her time between Geneva, Paris and New York.

Katia became a Member of Art Students League in 2017.

quote symbol" Beauty will save the world"

Fyodor Dostoevsky, “The Idiot”, 1868–1869.